Douwe Egberts employees get a taste for sustainability

DE_Inspiratieweek_winner facebookpostDouwe Egberts Netherlands joined forces with UTZ in a series of interactive workshops that got its people having fun and talking about sustainable sourcing. An inspiring example of how you and your colleagues can experience sustainable products first-hand.

The workshops, run during the company’s Inspiration Week, gave employees the chance to taste, smell, feel and experience sustainable coffee themselves. They learned about where Douwe Egberts sources its sustainable coffee from and the benefits for farmers and the company.

Through the tasting sessions, the participants got to find out for themselves that UTZ coffee tastes just as good as non-certified products. To help them spread the message, they practiced their own one-minute ‘elevator pitch’, which they can use to easily explain to colleagues, friends and family why Douwe Egberts sources sustainable coffee.

After the workshops, participants were encouraged to share their experiences on the UTZ Facebook page and challenged to see who could get the most comments and likes in 24 hours. The winner, employee Mike Keijer, a senior business process information analyst, won a dinner cooked for him and his family at home using UTZ coffee, cocoa and tea.

Douwe Egberts employees get a taste for sustainability“The workshop was very interactive and I learned a lot about the products that are UTZ certified,” said Mike. “I was also interested to learn that UTZ means good in a language from Guatemala! The dinner was organized really well and our family had a great time. My wife and I enjoyed the surprising combinations of ingredients like salmon with UTZ chocolate and our kids loved helping to prepare the dishes!”

Looking for ideas on how to inspire your employees on sustainable sourcing? We’re happy to help!

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