Woolworths gets consumers talking about sustainable cocoa

WW_UTZ_picWoolworths South Africa is proud of its sustainable sourcing and wants to get its customers talking about its UTZ labeled chocolate too. To mark the latest milestone in its Good Business Journey, reaching 100% mass balance UTZ certified cocoa for its Woolies range of chocolate products, the company ran a inspiring multichannel communications campaign in 2014.

The campaign reached out to consumers via social media including tweets about celebrity chef Hayden Quinn using UTZ certified cocoa and videos about chocolate and sustainable sourcing on the company’s YouTube channel. It ran consumer competitions and created an online ‘chocolate hub’ on the company’s website as well as using features in Woolworths’ staff and customer magazines, to get the sustainable sourcing message out.

5 yrs of cocoa WW twitterOne of the highlights of the campaign was the short film that Woolworths created. Filmed in Ghana, this told the story of its sustainable cocoa sourcing and featured interviews with Woolworths’ staff and UTZ certified cocoa farmers. The film was broadcast on 50/50, the popular and long-running South African nature program, as well as via Woolworths’ website and YouTube channel.

Hear more from Woolworths’ Tom McLaughlin and Tyrone Williams on the success of their Good Business Journey in a short Q&A on our blog.


Looking for inspiration? We have loads of great ideas and examples to help you tell your brand’s sustainability story. Find out more in our Media Center.

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