Easter, Coles, Nestlé, IKEA, Nidar

With Easter round the corner this month’s edition of New on the Shelves is all about chocolate! Our partners have been getting ready to launch some tasty new chocolate products sourcing UTZ cocoa, making it the most sustainable Easter yet.

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Make it UTZ this Easter

Kids and their families all over the world can go on an UTZ labeled Easter egg hunt this year from Europe, to Africa, Australia and the Americas. These are just a few of the products on sale in Australia, Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Germany, Hungary, Ireland, the Netherlands, Slovenia, South Africa, Switzerland and the UK.


Coles Easter eggs – Australia

Good news for Australian chocaholics: Coles, one of Australia’s biggest retailers has joined UTZ! This hollow Easter egg with pralines is its first UTZ labeled product available in Coles stores and on its website. This is just the start of Coles’ plans to introduce UTZ labeled products, so watch this space!
Packshot Coles Easter product

Nestlé Easter collection – USA

Nestlé USA started sourcing UTZ cocoa for its chocolate CRUNCH bars last year. Now the launch of its Easter range with the UTZ label has made Nestlé one of the top purchasers of certified cocoa in the US. Great news for farmers and for families who can feel better about the chocolate they’re choosing.
Nestle Easter collection

IKEA chocolate – worldwide

IKEA extended their assortment of UTZ labeled chocolate products from one to four! The 100 g chocolate bars in milk, milk with hazelnut, dark and dark 70% flavors now all contain UTZ cocoa. They not only taste great but they’re the only UTZ labeled chocolate products in the world where the cocoa can be traced back to the farm and consumers can visit the IKEA tracer website to see who has grown their cocoa.


Nidar chocolates – Norway

Norwegian shoppers can now choose from more UTZ labeled chocolate. Nidar only purchases certified cocoa for its products and is launching two new bars in its famous Stratos bubbly chocolate range, this time containing nuts and biscuit pieces. Also the Nidar Favoritter mixed bags of chocolate are being relaunched, coming in four great varieties with the UTZ label.


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