A feel good Easter at Nestlé

Easter tasted extra good at Nestlé US this year, with the company purchasing enough UTZ cocoa for its entire Easter chocolate range – a first for a major US manufacturer. Nestlé got its sustainable sourcing message out to consumers and employees in the run up to the Easter period with a campaign combining press, social media and internal communications.

The Nestlé Cocoa Plan commits Nestlé to globally source 170,000 tons of sustainable cocoa by 2017. With Nestlé’s research showing that 80% of consumers prefer to purchase chocolate products made from sustainable cocoa (Golin and uSamp, 2014) – this is good news for customers and cocoa farmers alike.

Its Easter collection, which included a range of products based on the Charles Shulz Peanuts characters of Snoopy, Charlie Brown and the gang, was launched with a press event. This included a briefing for journalists on the new products and Nestlé’s Cocoa Plan commitment. Representatives from UTZ also attended to explain the benefits of certification for cocoa farmers.

Nestlé_infographicNestlé provided journalists with an infographic that brings to life the sustainability challenges for the cocoa industry and shows how it is tackling those through the Nestlé Cocoa Plan. As a result of the launch the Easter range and campaign story was picked up by media outlets including CNBC, Yahoo! Finance and by Sustainable Brands. You can download the infographic here.

To reach out directly to consumers, Nestlé posted recipes and sent Easter samples to some of America’s leading food bloggers, all featuring information about the Nestlé Cocoa Plan commitment. Its Easter range and recipes were featured on a wide selection of blogs including The Daily Meal, reaching over 1 million unique monthly viewers.


Internally, an employee engagement campaign alerted Nestlé colleagues to the new range and its sustainability credentials. This included a competition enabling employees to win a basket of Easter goodies to take home.

“Even better news, and new this year, families can feel better about the chocolate they’re choosing. Nestlé Confections & Snacks has announced the purchase of certified, sustainestle-crunch-peanut-butter-nesteggs-10oz-500x500-e1427410259680nable cocoa equal to the amount needed to produce the entire Easter chocolate collection for 2015. This is important considering that, in a recent survey, nearly 80% of consumers said that they would prefer to purchase chocolate products made with sustainable cocoa if they were easy to find and didn’t cost more.” Extract from Mommy’s Memorandum blog

Need inspiration for your next campaign? We have some great examples, ideas and marketing tools for communicating your sustainability story in our Media Center and marketing toolkit.

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