Milo, Meßmer, Paulig, Delica, Anneke

More brands turned UTZ this month with some delicious new tea and coffee launches in Europe. Consumers can also now enjoy a more sustainable treat with some of their old favorites – including Milo malted chocolate, loved in Australia and New Zealand for over 80 years, and Anneke chocolate, an Estonian favorite since 1945!

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Milo (Nestlé) – Australia & New-Zealand

Australians and New Zealanders have been enjoying Nestlé’s malted chocolate hot drink MILO for over 80 years. Now their favorite treat has become UTZ certified. That’s better!


Meßmer teas –

Meßmer has launched its first UTZ labeled teas and with 70 varieties to choose from including black and green teas as well as rooibos, fruit and herbal tea, there is a blend to suit everyone.

Messmer Schwarzer tee Messmer gruner tee

Paulig Brazil Coffee – Finland

For almost 140 years, Paulig has been bringing delicious coffee to consumers across Finland. The company has relaunched its UTZ certified Brazil coffee range, with consumers able to choose either beans or ground coffee. The new packages come in the bright Brazilian yellow and green that make us want to start the day dancing! Also a new Brazil Dark variant has been introduced to the range for those who favor coffee with a darker roast.


Schwiizer Schüümli coffee – Germany & Austria

Consumers in Austria and Germany can now choose from five delicious varieties of UTZ coffee beans in packages of 500 grams. These Delica Schwiizer Schüümli coffees come in Espresso, Crema, Mild, Decaffeinato, and Gastronom to suit everyone’s taste.

Combi picture Schwiizer

Anneke – Estonia

Anneke, a Kalev brand, is known as the best-loved milk chocolate in Estonia since 1945. Now Anneke fans can enjoy their favorite treat even more, as Kalev is sourcing UTZ certified cocoa for its milk chocolate bars (100 and 300 grams) and its Anneke with milk filling products (99 and 40 grams), available in a wide variety of retail outlets.


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