Gayleen’s Decadence, Exquisit, Meseta, Kaynã, Kaldi Café Gourmet, Café Cultura

Some great new coffee and chocolate products are now available in Europe, South Africa and Brazil, bringing UTZ labeled products to more consumers than ever before.

Planning a new product launch? We’d love to feature it! So please get in touch.

Gayleen’s Decadence – South Africa

Gayleen’s Decadence is known for its all-natural soft centered chocolates free from dairy, stabilizers or emulsifiers and sweetened with raw honey, as well as the 100g solid naturally flavored slabs and the 500g ‘for general enjoyment & baking’ slab! Now Gayleen’s customers can feel even better about getting their chocolate fix as the company is purchasing UTZ certified cocoa for its chocolates.


Exquisit – Germany

Chocolate with a fruity twist: Kaufland has sourced enough sustainable cocoa for three new “duet” varieties in its Exquisit chocolate range. Customers can now pick from white chocolate and superior milk chocolate with orange and sea buckthorn, white chocolate with raspberry and panna cotta, or white chocolate and superior milk chocolate with buttermilk and lemon.


Coind-MESETA – Italy, Germany, Austria

Meseta has introduced its first UTZ certified products this month with a range of 100% Arabica coffee capsules, available to customers online and in coffee shops.

126COIND_Meseta capsules

Kaynã, Kaldi Café Gourmet & Café Cultura – Brazil

Brazilian consumers are now spoilt for choice with a number of new product launches in the Brazilian market to suit all tastes. The new products from Kaynã, Kaldi Café and Café Cultura are available in supermarkets, cafés and online.

 Kaynã Coffee  Kaldi SIMULACAO FRENTE

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