Traffic jams in the tea aisle with Meßmer’s certified herbal teas

German tea brand Meßmer (OTG) has achieved an ethical sourcing first – switching its whole range of 50 herbal and fruit teas to UEBT/UTZ certified. The relaunched teas are particularly special because they are the first fruit and herbal teas to carry the UTZ label, thanks to our partnership with UEBT, which promotes ethical sourcing of natural ingredients. To make the most of this achievement Meßmer ran a multi-channel campaign to get the good news out to business customers and consumers alike.

Meßmer brought the launch of its certified herbal teas to the attention of business customers through advertising in trade magazine Lebensmittel Zeitung, highlighting the launch as a first for Meßmer and the herbal tea industry. A second ad jokingly warned costumers of potential traffic jams in the tea aisle. Meßmer also reached out to 30,000 consumers directly through its newsletter, inviting them to complete a Facebook game and tea quiz, with the opportunity to win a new bicycle. The campaign was reflected in updated content on Meßmer’s main website.

The whole range of teas is now available to customers in Germany, with some varieties also on sale in the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Mauritius, Canada, Latvia, Japan, Korea and Taiwan.

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