Great taste, strong ethics at Plamil

Plamil Foods UK puts the quality and purity of ingredients at the heart of its business. It is known for its dairy free, vegan and sugar free chocolate products which it manufactures on site and sells to consumers and wholesale customers. Its factory is powered by 100% renewable energy and it has been offering customers organic and fair trade chocolate products for many years. Now it is working with UTZ to extend its sustainable cocoa sourcing. We caught up with Julian Lucas, Sales & Marketing Manager at Plamil to find out more about their plans.

Why is sustainable sourcing important to Plamil?
At Plamil we are committed to developing good and long-term working relationships with our suppliers and the ethos that we will treat suppliers as we would wish to be treated ourselves. We operate purchasing controls and audit our suppliers. Such information is a key element in assessing the claims that we can make regarding our ingredients and products. Major ingredients such as cocoa are carefully chosen for high production standards. It is for this reason we purchase UTZ certified cocoa.”

What is Plamil doing about climate change?
We are mindful of our obligations to the environment and to the impact that our business may have upon it. We act to monitor, manage and continually improve our environmental performance as well as maintaining a commitment to produce only Vegan products; such products have a low environmental impact. They observe all relevant rules, regulations and other environmental requirements to which our operations are liable.”

Have you seen a change in customer expectations in relation to sustainability since your business began?
In the early days of Plamil, more than half a century ago, the customers were almost all vegan with great expectations that the products were made to the highest standards. And later as all Plamil chocolate is not only dairy free but also gluten and nut free, there are many customers looking for ethically produced Free From products so that they can enjoy chocolate in spite of their allergies. The products are now becoming mainstream with everyone realising the great taste of the chocolate.”

Are there any product launches you’d like to tell us about?
None of that, lots of thisPlamil have recently launched an innovative Free From chocolate bar. Lots of This None of That is a scrumptious dairy free rice milk chocolate bar that amazingly has reduced sugar and is gluten and nut free. This revolutionary new bar is the future for dairy free chocolate. By buying these bars, our customers can both enjoy a tasty product and feel happy that they are contributing to a better life for cocoa farmers and their families.”

Plamil is just one example of a company that takes its environmental responsibility seriously, both in terms of minimising impact on the environment and sustainable sourcing. With a growing focus on climate change in the media ahead of the COP21 this December, the UK’s Carbon Trust recently published a report showing that four out of five companies now believe that a changing climate and resource scarcity are likely to impact their bottom line. Read more from the report here.

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