Employees get the message about sustainable sourcing

Employees often hold the key to success for your sustainability efforts. They are the ones who talk to your customers and who implement your programs on the ground. What’s more, employees who work for brands that address social and environmental issues are often more motivated and engaged than their peers. That’s why we’ve launched an employee engagement session that can help you get your staff talking about sustainable farming.

The session includes an interactive quiz which can be given by you or an UTZ representative to inform and involve your colleagues. The quiz helps them understand what UTZ means for your brand, and how they can communicate about it, with customers, friends and family.

Kahls Kaffe AB, an importer and producer of coffee and tea, together with sister company, Kahls The & Kaffehandel in Sweden are one of the first UTZ members to use the quiz, with 30 employees taking part during a two-day company program. Following the interactive and fun session all participants got to improve their understanding of the UTZ program and were better able to address the remaining questions they still had.

Mats Nilsson, managing director and owner: “Our shop managers are an important communication channel for Kahls. Understanding of and being involved in the story behind our UTZ certified coffee and tea helps them to pass the message on to customers. This really adds value to the Kahls brand and the products we sell.”

Peter Goodman, coffee purchasing at Kahls adds: “Before taking the quiz I knew what UTZ was about but now I’ve got some great examples and ideas that make it even easier to communicate about sustainable farming and why it matters to Kahls.”

Want to involve your employees in your choice for sustainable sourcing? Get in touch for more information on the quiz and ideas for how we can help you engage your staff.

employee engagement


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