Shorter name, bigger impact

We like to keep things simple for consumers – simple to choose sustainable tea, coffee and cocoa and simple to support sustainable farming. So, from 4th January 2016, we’re making our name simpler too – shortening it from UTZ Certified to UTZ. Our on-pack labeling logo won’t change but we think our new name will better reflect the broad range of work we’re doing.

We’ve been working towards better farming and a better future for the past 13 years. As a result we are now the largest program for coffee and cocoa and have strong certification schemes in other commodities including (herbal) tea, rooibos and hazelnuts.

Certification remains the most important element of our work but we have also seen that some problems affecting farmers cannot be addressed through certification alone. That’s why we’re working more closely with producers, NGOs, governments and buyers to tackle complicated issues such as child labor, wages or the impact of climate change and make an even bigger difference.

“We believe that UTZ compared to UTZ Certified, reflects better our new approach and offers a broader scope of collaboration,” says Han de Groot, Executive Director. “We are excited to be able to take our vision of a better future to the next level.”

UTZ logo

What does it mean for you?

We’ll be redesigning our website, improving our media center, shortening our URL and updating our logo from January 4th. Our on-pack logo remains the same however the text claim and URL will change over time as packaging gets updated. Watch out for information on our updated labeling policy and Q&A in early January.

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