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IKEA, ForestFinest, Woolworths, Pingo Doce, La Vieja Fabrica, Christmas

With the festive season well underway we have some great new product launches to tell you about. Lots of chocolate of course (well it is nearly Christmas!) and many other exciting products too.

We’d love to hear about your next product launch so do get in touch and tell us about it.

IKEA ice tea  – global

IKEA’s brand new organic ice tea, comes with the fresh taste of birch and pine. The tea comes from UTZ certified estates and the exciting new drinks are now available in IKEA restaurants, Bistro and Swedish Food Markets.

Ikea icetea

ForestFinest  – Germany

The ForestFinest chocolate range was re-launched in October, with 100% UTZ certified ForestFinance cocoa from Bocas del Toro in Panama. The chocolate bars come in nine varieties, from green tea to chili and lemon. The chocolates can be purchased from ForestFinest is an initiative of ForestFinance which invests in sustainable forestry.

Forest Finest

Woolworths Tin Roof ice cream – South Africa

It’s the start of summer in South Africa! What better way to get in the mood than with a scoop of the country’s first UTZ labeled ice cream, vanilla and chocolate flavored, now on sale at Woolworths


Pingo Doce chocolate covered strawberries  – Portugal

We’re excited that Pingo Doce, one of Portugal’s largest supermarket chains with over 350 stores, has launched its first cocoa products carrying the UTZ label. Customers can now enjoy its private label strawberries covered in Belgian white and milk chocolate – we hear they’re delicious!


La Vieja Fabrica hazelnut spread – Spain 

La Vieja Fabrica brand is known for its jams, preserves and spreads. Now customers can enjoy its first UTZ labeled products – a range of hazelnut spreads for which UTZ certified cocoa was sourced. The spreads come in three flavors: Original, Milk and Cookie. They also contain only RSPO certified palm oil and are available in supermarkets throughout Spain.


Christmas products – various countries

Consumers around the world can have a delicious and more sustainable Christmas this year thanks to all the great tasting UTZ labeled Christmas products now on sale. From South Africa and Australia to the Baltics, Russia, France and UK, it looks set to be the tastiest Christmas yet!


Albert, Biedronka’s Kruszynki, Witor’s, Mini Kanjers, Nesquick, Martello

Watch out for these great products new in store this month – all sustainably sourced. Have you got a product launch coming up? We’d love to feature it, so let us know at, or

Albert supermarkets – Czech Republic

More and more customers in the Czech Republic can make a sustainable choice when buying their tea, coffee and cocoa products, thanks to Albert supermarkets and hypermarkets’ work on sustainable sourcing. With coffee, cocoa and tea products now carrying the UTZ label there really is something for everyone!

AQ kava --24995948  aex mandle v horke cokolade --25797879CAJE RuzovyPepr pomeranc --25591804aexc susenky mlecne macene --25804041-3


Biedronka’s Kruszynki – Poland

Biedronka supermarkets, part of the Jeronimo Martins group, are now sourcing UTZ cocoa for their tasty chocolate chip cookies.


Cuor di Mousse – Italy

Witor’s, the Italian chocolate company, is now buying UTZ cocoa for its range of Cuor di Mousse pralines. The chocolates with their soft centers and crunchy chocolate shells come in a range of flavors including dark and milk chocolate, orange and yoghurt. The products will be on sale from October in the main Italian supermarkets.

0034827 Cuor di Mousse Orancia 0034817 Cuor di Mousse Latte 0034807 Cuor di Mousse Fondente

Mini Kanjers– Netherlands

Mini Kanjers, a range of cookies with chocolate and caramel fillings covered in milk, dark or white Belgian chocolate are perfect to serve with coffee and share with friends. Now the products all carry the UTZ label, thanks to Kanjers’ sustainable sourcing.

Kanjers mini packshots

Nesquik (Nestlé) – Germany

Fans of Nesquick will be pleased to know that Nestlé Germany is now sourcing UTZ cocoa for its well-known instant chocolate milk drink. Four varieties in Germany now carry the UTZ label – the 250g box, 500g bag, 900g box and the 500g low sugar variety.



Martello (Superespresso) – Austria, Hungary, Switzerland, Slovenia


Martello has switched two of its high quality pure origin coffee products to UTZ. Its Brazilian variety uses 100% Arabica, grown in the hills between São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro to make a full bodied espresso, while its Indonesian variety uses 100% Robusta beans providing a pleasant herbal taste with low acidity.

What’s coming up

World Chocolate Forum: 1 October
London, UK
This international chocolate conference in London is a chance to meet and exchange ideas with others in the industry. Britta Wyss Bisang, UTZ Certified’s Standards Director will be presenting at 11 am on the challenge of child labor in the cocoa supply chain.

Sustainable Brands, new metrics: 6 – 8 October
Boston, USA
This event by Sustainable Brands is exploring how to create and value positive environmental and social impact as well as quantifying sustainability-related costs and risks. We’ll be attending and would love to meet up. Let us know if you’re coming.

You can read more about the event here.

ANUGA fair: 10 – 14 October
Cologne, Germany
We’ll be attending this trade fair for the food industry where a number of UTZ partners will be speakers and panelists exploring issues around consumers and product sustainability. Want to meet up during the fair? Let us know.

Salon du Chocolat: 28 October – 1 November
Paris, France
We hope to see you at this year’s Salon du Chocolat trade event. Sikiri Diakité, UTZ’s representative from Côte d’Ivoire, will present: “Too hot for chocolate? Climate change and cocoa production” on Thursday 29 Octobre at 11am.

A secure, sustainable supply of coffee with UTZ

Did you know that global coffee production is at risk? Climate change, pests and diseases and urbanization are just some of the issues that are not easily solved. But there is one thing we know: by sourcing sustainably produced coffee you are not only helping to secure your future supply of coffee but also contributing to improving the lives of farmers.

A new study among Brazilian coffee farmers shows the positive impact of UTZ certification on farmers with 90% of those interviewed stating that the program had been beneficial to them and that they would recommend it to other farmers. The main effects of certification are noted in improved management, which provides the basis for many other benefits such as more efficient farming, reduced costs and better access to markets.

Maria Aparecida Silva, owner of Sítio Ribeirão da Onça states, “As head of the family, I have to look at good profitability to make sure we have enough in the future. Only through good management is this possible.”

“As head of family, I have to look at good profitability to make sure we have enough in the future. Only though good management this is possible. Coffee has always been our traditional cash crop and quality increase is definitely one of the objectives, so we need to make more with less. Maintaining natural resources such as our set aside land and water sources is also vital to our living. UTZ gives us good management tools, and with the support of Caminho Sustentia, we believe enough growth is supported to our professionalization. With the structure of UTZ program, it is clear where improvements are needed. This capacity, specially for smallholder farming is key.”

Maria Aparecida Silva with her son and grandson

The report shows that the majority of farmers interviewed intend to continue in the program, with over 60% stating that UTZ certification has contributed to establishing long term trade relations; a win-win situation for everyone.


Read more about the study .

For ideas on how to communicate about the benefits of certification visit our marketing toolkit or get in touch via

Mr. Coffeebean makes sustainability fun at Tchibo

German coffee roaster Tchibo is a partner to UTZ and other sustainability labels. For its multichannel communication campaign last year it used their animated character Mr. Coffeebean to explain why sustainable sourcing matters in a playful and engaging way.

Tchibo-herr-bohne For its campaign Tchibo put Mr. Coffeebean, or ‘Herr Bohne’ as he is called in German, in the position of an accident-prone coffee farmer who discovers that joining a sustainability label makes life taste better. The campaign included an animated film, blogs, newsletter and a customer competition and used humor to explain the purpose of the different sustainability labels in a simple yet meaningful way.

Tchibo also got its own employees engaged on the campaign with a series of Mr. Coffeebean postcards and created special media packs with coffee samples and links to the video. The campaign generated great media coverage and traffic to the online tools.

You can watch Mr. Coffeebean at work in this video. German speakers can watch the video in German and also read more on the Tchibo website and blog.

Planning a communications campaign? For more ideas and inspiration, take a look at some of the case studies and marketing tools in our Media Center.