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IKEA, ForestFinest, Woolworths, Pingo Doce, La Vieja Fabrica, Christmas

With the festive season well underway we have some great new product launches to tell you about. Lots of chocolate of course (well it is nearly Christmas!) and many other exciting products too.

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IKEA ice tea  – global

IKEA’s brand new organic ice tea, comes with the fresh taste of birch and pine. The tea comes from UTZ certified estates and the exciting new drinks are now available in IKEA restaurants, Bistro and Swedish Food Markets.

Ikea icetea

ForestFinest  – Germany

The ForestFinest chocolate range was re-launched in October, with 100% UTZ certified ForestFinance cocoa from Bocas del Toro in Panama. The chocolate bars come in nine varieties, from green tea to chili and lemon. The chocolates can be purchased from ForestFinest is an initiative of ForestFinance which invests in sustainable forestry.

Forest Finest

Woolworths Tin Roof ice cream – South Africa

It’s the start of summer in South Africa! What better way to get in the mood than with a scoop of the country’s first UTZ labeled ice cream, vanilla and chocolate flavored, now on sale at Woolworths


Pingo Doce chocolate covered strawberries  – Portugal

We’re excited that Pingo Doce, one of Portugal’s largest supermarket chains with over 350 stores, has launched its first cocoa products carrying the UTZ label. Customers can now enjoy its private label strawberries covered in Belgian white and milk chocolate – we hear they’re delicious!


La Vieja Fabrica hazelnut spread – Spain 

La Vieja Fabrica brand is known for its jams, preserves and spreads. Now customers can enjoy its first UTZ labeled products – a range of hazelnut spreads for which UTZ certified cocoa was sourced. The spreads come in three flavors: Original, Milk and Cookie. They also contain only RSPO certified palm oil and are available in supermarkets throughout Spain.


Christmas products – various countries

Consumers around the world can have a delicious and more sustainable Christmas this year thanks to all the great tasting UTZ labeled Christmas products now on sale. From South Africa and Australia to the Baltics, Russia, France and UK, it looks set to be the tastiest Christmas yet!


Australian, Old City Coffee, Höflich Schokolade, Pirkka, Denner, Notting Hill

Consumers around Europe and the USA are enjoying some delicious new hot drink and chocolate varieties this month, thanks to some great new product launches from UTZ partners. Happy Autumn!

AUSTRALIAN espresso beans – Netherlands

AUSTRALIAN has extended its range of UTZ certified coffee with its first 1Kg packs of espresso beans. The products, which are both UTZ certified and organic, come in three varieties: medium roast, dark roast and single origin. The 1Kg varieties are for sale at Sligro, the Dutch wholesale shop, with 750g packs on sale direct to consumers in various supermarkets. The packaging includes a tracking code which consumers can use on the website to trace their coffee back to the farm.

packshot Australian 1000gr

Old City Coffee  – USA

A warm welcome to Old City Coffee – coffee shops in Philadelphia with a mission to supply the public with the freshest, highest-grade coffees. The business has now launched its first UTZ certified Old City Blend coffee pods. These single serving beverage cups contain a blend of medium and dark roasts and can be ordered directly from or purchased from one of their retail locations. We love the packaging!


Höflich Schokolade  – Germany & Italy

Höflich Schokolade are proud users of the UTZ logo with a range of crunchy chocolate pralines in five great flavors: milk chocolate, dark, dark with orange, white with strawberry and last but not least white with coconut. Consumers in Germany and Italy can find them at retail stores and delicatessen shops.

packshot 2014_10_20_Monateg_Verpackung_ALLE

Pirkka pralines – Finland

Retail chain Kesko has launched a new variety in its UTZ labeled Pirkka chocolate range: dark chocolate pralines with a caramel filling and a sprinkling of sea salt on top! This exciting new flavor is available to consumers in Finland from K-foodstores.



Notting Hill Herfstthee – Netherlands

Customers in the Netherlands can enjoy a new spiced tea especially for autumn – the Notting Hill black tea with apple and cinnamon flavor – with all the tea sustainably sourced through UTZ. The product is available in Albert Heijn supermarkets.

packshot OTG Herstthee2


Denner Earl Grey tea – Switzerland

Tea lovers in Switzerland can now enjoy a new sustainably sourced tea to keep them warm as the days get shorter and colder. Denner supermarket is adding to its sustainable tea range with an UTZ certified Earl Grey blend – perfect for an afternoon cup of tea.

packshot 83OTG Denner_32

Albert, Biedronka’s Kruszynki, Witor’s, Mini Kanjers, Nesquick, Martello

Watch out for these great products new in store this month – all sustainably sourced. Have you got a product launch coming up? We’d love to feature it, so let us know at, or

Albert supermarkets – Czech Republic

More and more customers in the Czech Republic can make a sustainable choice when buying their tea, coffee and cocoa products, thanks to Albert supermarkets and hypermarkets’ work on sustainable sourcing. With coffee, cocoa and tea products now carrying the UTZ label there really is something for everyone!

AQ kava --24995948  aex mandle v horke cokolade --25797879CAJE RuzovyPepr pomeranc --25591804aexc susenky mlecne macene --25804041-3


Biedronka’s Kruszynki – Poland

Biedronka supermarkets, part of the Jeronimo Martins group, are now sourcing UTZ cocoa for their tasty chocolate chip cookies.


Cuor di Mousse – Italy

Witor’s, the Italian chocolate company, is now buying UTZ cocoa for its range of Cuor di Mousse pralines. The chocolates with their soft centers and crunchy chocolate shells come in a range of flavors including dark and milk chocolate, orange and yoghurt. The products will be on sale from October in the main Italian supermarkets.

0034827 Cuor di Mousse Orancia 0034817 Cuor di Mousse Latte 0034807 Cuor di Mousse Fondente

Mini Kanjers– Netherlands

Mini Kanjers, a range of cookies with chocolate and caramel fillings covered in milk, dark or white Belgian chocolate are perfect to serve with coffee and share with friends. Now the products all carry the UTZ label, thanks to Kanjers’ sustainable sourcing.

Kanjers mini packshots

Nesquik (Nestlé) – Germany

Fans of Nesquick will be pleased to know that Nestlé Germany is now sourcing UTZ cocoa for its well-known instant chocolate milk drink. Four varieties in Germany now carry the UTZ label – the 250g box, 500g bag, 900g box and the 500g low sugar variety.



Martello (Superespresso) – Austria, Hungary, Switzerland, Slovenia


Martello has switched two of its high quality pure origin coffee products to UTZ. Its Brazilian variety uses 100% Arabica, grown in the hills between São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro to make a full bodied espresso, while its Indonesian variety uses 100% Robusta beans providing a pleasant herbal taste with low acidity.

Gayleen’s Decadence, Exquisit, Meseta, Kaynã, Kaldi Café Gourmet, Café Cultura

Some great new coffee and chocolate products are now available in Europe, South Africa and Brazil, bringing UTZ labeled products to more consumers than ever before.

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Gayleen’s Decadence – South Africa

Gayleen’s Decadence is known for its all-natural soft centered chocolates free from dairy, stabilizers or emulsifiers and sweetened with raw honey, as well as the 100g solid naturally flavored slabs and the 500g ‘for general enjoyment & baking’ slab! Now Gayleen’s customers can feel even better about getting their chocolate fix as the company is purchasing UTZ certified cocoa for its chocolates.


Exquisit – Germany

Chocolate with a fruity twist: Kaufland has sourced enough sustainable cocoa for three new “duet” varieties in its Exquisit chocolate range. Customers can now pick from white chocolate and superior milk chocolate with orange and sea buckthorn, white chocolate with raspberry and panna cotta, or white chocolate and superior milk chocolate with buttermilk and lemon.


Coind-MESETA – Italy, Germany, Austria

Meseta has introduced its first UTZ certified products this month with a range of 100% Arabica coffee capsules, available to customers online and in coffee shops.

126COIND_Meseta capsules

Kaynã, Kaldi Café Gourmet & Café Cultura – Brazil

Brazilian consumers are now spoilt for choice with a number of new product launches in the Brazilian market to suit all tastes. The new products from Kaynã, Kaldi Café and Café Cultura are available in supermarkets, cafés and online.

 Kaynã Coffee  Kaldi SIMULACAO FRENTE

Australian, Haighs, KITKAT, Café Royal, Cafés Novell

Consumers in Europe and Australia are enjoying some great new UTZ labeled coffee and chocolate launches this month as well as a tasty iced coffee – just in time for summer!

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Snapper (Australian) –
The Netherlands

Australian, the company for premium chocolate, coffee and ice cream, has launched five new chocolate bars in its Snapper range – all UTZ certified! Consumers can now enjoy the 100 grams Snapper Extra Dark (85%), Snapper Dark (72%), Snapper Dark (55%) Sea Salt & Nougat and the 200 grams Snappers Milk or Dark Hazelnut & Hazelnut Crips. All available in Australian shops, supermarkets and online.

AUS2014_Snapper_RT_200gr_Milk_Hazelnuts_Crisps-01 AUS2014_Snapper_RT_200gr_Dark_Hazelnuts_Crisps-01 AUS2014_Snapper_RT_100gr_Extra_Dark_85%-01 AUS2014_Snapper_RT_100gr_Dark_78%-01                            AUS2014_Snapper_RT_100gr_Dark_55%_Caramel_Seasalt-01

Haigh’s Centenary range –

Haigh’s is Australia’s oldest family-owned chocolate maker. To mark their centenary in May this year, they launched three special edition chocolate bars featuring images of Haigh’s original flagship stores in the Australian cities of Adelaide, Melbourne and Sydney. And of course, they are all UTZ labeled.

3HAIG_440g Blocks    3HAIG_100g Tablet3HAIG_50g Bars

KitKat Sneaky Break – Australia & New Zealand

KITKAT lovers in Australia and New Zealand can now take their chocolate break with eight different break types featured on the packaging. The bars fun break types all carry the UTZ logo and information on the NESTLÉ Cocoa Plan – so consumers can enjoy their break and feel good about their choice of chocolate.

8NESTLAUS NCO735 Procrastinating Break 45g   8NESTLAUS NCO735 Do not disturb break 45g 8NESTLAUS NCO735 Coffee Break 45g   8NESTLAUS NCO735 Sneaky Break 45g

Café Royal – Switzerland, France, Spain, Germany and Australia

Just in time for summer, Café Royal has launched a tasty new iced coffee range with 100% UTZ Arabica beans and milk from the Austrian Alps. The new drinks come in a range of flavors including Classic Espresso, Double Fat (with extra caffeine and cream), Extra Strong (refined with Guarana for an energy-kick ) and Caramel (for those with a sweet tooth).


Cafés Novell – Spain

Cafés Novell, the first coffee company to launch UTZ labeled products in Spain, has extended its capsule range including new varieties such as intenso, descafeinado and piu aroma. These capsules are available in restaurants, coffee shops, at work or in the comfort of your own home. Another step in their journey towards having all their coffees certified by 2019!


Tegut, Tiger, Nestlé, Stivii, Options

Many delicious new UTZ labeled products were launched this month bringing great tasting sustainable tea, coffee and cocoa to more customers around the world. That means the UTZ Certified name or logo has now appeared on more than 20,000 product packs in 116 countries!

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tegut tea – Germany

tegut_UTZCustomers at Germany’s tegut supermarket chain can warm up this winter with a great new range of UTZ certified teas. Available at nearly 300 stores, customers can choose from Darjeeling and rooibos teas as well as a delicious green and lemon blend.

Tiger chocolate bar – Japan

People in Japan have a new treat to enjoy in 2015 – the crunchy Tiger bar with caramel, wafer and cereal pieces all covered in delicious milk chocolate – and, of course, carrying the UTZ label!

Nestlé chocolates – Spain & Portugal

Nestlé continues to lead the way on sustainable cocoa, recently launching its first UTZ labeled products in Spain and Portugal including Spain’s leading chocolate brand, Extrafino, and cooking chocolate brand Postres. Consumers in Portugal can now find the UTZ label on different varieties of the Nestlé CLASSIC bar. These launches take Nestlé one step further on its journey to bring great tasting sustainable chocolate to customers while improving the lives of cocoa farmers.

Stivii dark chocolate bar – USA

stivii_UTZStivii, the stevia sweetener brand, has launched its first assortment of UTZ labeled products including Swiss quality dark chocolate bars. Each product is sweetened with Stevia instead of sugar, so they taste great but have fewer calories. The Swiss quality chocolates come in a variety of great tasting flavors including chili, blueberry almond, pomegranate and white peach.

Options hot chocolate – UK

Options_UTZSalted caramel, fudge and sweet popcorn are just some of the exciting new flavors in the Options range of hot chocolate drinks. And because Twinings purchases UTZ cocoa for its whole Options hot chocolate range, customers can relax, knowing that treating themselves is good for farmers too!

MingS, Albert Heijn, Sperlari, Peterbrooke, LIDL, Christmas

Our partners have launched some exciting new products this month, including a great new coffee range from MingS enabling consumers in China to enjoy UTZ coffee for the first time. Other launches include new single origin coffees at LIDL stores in many countries and a tasty iced tea range from Dutch retailer Albert Heijn. And look out for Christmas products carrying the UTZ label – from chocolate Santas and Christmas trees to a Christmas coffee we’re sure that more and more people will be enjoying UTZ at Christmas this year.

MingS Espresso – China

Packshot-MingsChinese consumers can now enjoy UTZ coffee! The MingS brand, produced by roaster Weiming launched one of the first UTZ certified coffee in China this quarter, with products such as MingS Espresso now on sale in retailers like IKEA China stores. Enjoy!

Albert Heijn ice tea – The Netherlands

Albert-Heijn-ice-tea_UTZConsumers in the Netherlands who aren’t yet ready to say goodbye to summer can choose a refreshing ice tea from Dutch retailer Albert Heijn. The new UTZ labeled products are available in a range of flavors and sizes, including light versions. All Albert Heijn private label teas are also UTZ certified.

Sperlari chocolate products – Italy

Packshot Cloettta_ Sperlari_ItalyItalian chocolate company Sperlari, founded in 1836, is known for the quality of its confectionery. Now it has joined UTZ to make sure its products don’t just taste great, they are better for farmers and the environment too.

By the end of 2014 Spelari, which is part of the Cloetta group, will source all its cocoa from UTZ Certified sources and its seasonal products will carry the UTZ logo, taking the sustainable farming message to consumers. It joins other Cloetta companies who have already made the change in Denmark, Finland and Sweden.

“Joining UTZ will benefit Sperlari through better quality cocoa and it will enable consumers and retailers to know that by choosing Sperlari they are supporting a better life for African cocoa farmers, says Giorgio Boggero, CEO of Cloetta Italy. “Thanks to the UTZ Certified program, farmers will be given the opportunity to develop their business, to improve productivity and working conditions and to take better care of the environment and their families.”

LIDL single origin coffee – Various countries

Packshot Melitta_Lidl_002Three new single origin coffees are available at LIDL stores in Poland, Italy, Belgium, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Croatia and Romania. They are sourced from UTZ farms in Ethiopia, Uganda and Kenya. The launch was accompanied by great in-store communications.

LIDL chocolate products – Spain

Packshot LIDL SpainMore news about LIDL! The stores in Spain launched their first UTZ labeled products. Consumers can now enjoy a new range of chocolate products when they shop at LIDL including some launched just in time for Christmas. Have your pick!

Peterbrooke chocolate products – United States

Packshot Peterbrooke Popcorn Milk 54ozSpecialty chocolate company Peterbrooke is one of the latest companies to join UTZ. With stores throughout the Southeast United States and a range of delicious chocolate products, Peterbrooke is known as the ‘Neighborhood Chocolatier’. By joining UTZ it wants to play its part in making the production of cocoa truly sustainable. One of the first products to source UTZ cocoa for will be Peterbrooke’s famous chocolate-coated popcorn.

Peterbrooke announced its new partnership with UTZ to its customers and via its Facebook page. Billy Morris, CEO of Peterbrooke, said “As part of our Peterbrooke Promise, we are committed to sustainable sourcing and proud to be UTZ certified. After evaluating the significant impact that the UTZ Certified program has to offer, it was an easy decision to move forward with the program. Together with UTZ we support good, viable agricultural practices that enable farmers, their families, and their environment to thrive.”

Sainsbury’s chocolate bar – UK


UK supermarket chain Sainsbury’s has extended its range of UTZ labeled products with the launch of its new 100g Belgian milk chocolate bar. Customers can feel even better when the buy the product as all profits are going to verterans charity, the Royal British Legion. Also watch the advert everyone’s talking about in the UK, showing the famous Christmas truce between British and German soldiers during WWI.

Enjoy an UTZ Christmas


A range of fantastic UTZ labeled Christmas products will be enjoyed around the world this festive season. From chocolate snowballs, Santas and Christmas trees to specialty Christmas coffees consumers in countries such as the Netherlands, UK, Poland, Germany, Spain, Norway, Finland, Sweden and Australia will be making UTZ part of their holiday celebrations.