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Voices from the field

With traceability, each link in the supply chain is documented and made transparent. It all starts at farm level, with good record-keeping. “We archive all the documents with information on each producer and everything that is monitored for each certified producer,” explains Renate Mittestainer who works as a traceability manager on a coffee farm in Brazil. “After each assessment, the technical assistants pass me these documents and I enter them in the computer to complete the monitoring and control of traceability.”

The coffee, cocoa and tea are then tracked and traced through the UTZ traceability system, giving you the assurance that the products you buy come from sustainable sources. The UTZ Certified website hosts both a producer map and a brands page. On these pages, consumers can see, in real time, all coffee, cocoa and tea farmers that are currently UTZ certified in 37 countries around the world and find which brands around the world offer UTZ products.

Brands are already integrating traceability into their communications, through on-pack information, ads and videos. This brings farmers closer to consumers – and the voices from the field become louder and clearer.

Watch this video to see traceability in action

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Want to get your traceability message out?

We have plenty of great ideas and examples to help you tell your traceability story. Check out our infographics or visit our marketing toolkit  for more inspiration.

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