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Traffic jams in the tea aisle with Meßmer’s certified herbal teas

German tea brand Meßmer (OTG) has achieved an ethical sourcing first – switching its whole range of 50 herbal and fruit teas to UEBT/UTZ certified. The relaunched teas are particularly special because they are the first fruit and herbal teas to carry the UTZ label, thanks to our partnership with UEBT, which promotes ethical sourcing of natural ingredients. To make the most of this achievement Meßmer ran a multi-channel campaign to get the good news out to business customers and consumers alike.

Meßmer brought the launch of its certified herbal teas to the attention of business customers through advertising in trade magazine Lebensmittel Zeitung, highlighting the launch as a first for Meßmer and the herbal tea industry. A second ad jokingly warned costumers of potential traffic jams in the tea aisle. Meßmer also reached out to 30,000 consumers directly through its newsletter, inviting them to complete a Facebook game and tea quiz, with the opportunity to win a new bicycle. The campaign was reflected in updated content on Meßmer’s main website.

The whole range of teas is now available to customers in Germany, with some varieties also on sale in the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Mauritius, Canada, Latvia, Japan, Korea and Taiwan.

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A secure, sustainable supply of coffee with UTZ

Did you know that global coffee production is at risk? Climate change, pests and diseases and urbanization are just some of the issues that are not easily solved. But there is one thing we know: by sourcing sustainably produced coffee you are not only helping to secure your future supply of coffee but also contributing to improving the lives of farmers.

A new study among Brazilian coffee farmers shows the positive impact of UTZ certification on farmers with 90% of those interviewed stating that the program had been beneficial to them and that they would recommend it to other farmers. The main effects of certification are noted in improved management, which provides the basis for many other benefits such as more efficient farming, reduced costs and better access to markets.

Maria Aparecida Silva, owner of Sítio Ribeirão da Onça states, “As head of the family, I have to look at good profitability to make sure we have enough in the future. Only through good management is this possible.”

“As head of family, I have to look at good profitability to make sure we have enough in the future. Only though good management this is possible. Coffee has always been our traditional cash crop and quality increase is definitely one of the objectives, so we need to make more with less. Maintaining natural resources such as our set aside land and water sources is also vital to our living. UTZ gives us good management tools, and with the support of Caminho Sustentia, we believe enough growth is supported to our professionalization. With the structure of UTZ program, it is clear where improvements are needed. This capacity, specially for smallholder farming is key.”

Maria Aparecida Silva with her son and grandson

The report shows that the majority of farmers interviewed intend to continue in the program, with over 60% stating that UTZ certification has contributed to establishing long term trade relations; a win-win situation for everyone.


Read more about the study .

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Gayleen’s Decadence, Exquisit, Meseta, Kaynã, Kaldi Café Gourmet, Café Cultura

Some great new coffee and chocolate products are now available in Europe, South Africa and Brazil, bringing UTZ labeled products to more consumers than ever before.

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Gayleen’s Decadence – South Africa

Gayleen’s Decadence is known for its all-natural soft centered chocolates free from dairy, stabilizers or emulsifiers and sweetened with raw honey, as well as the 100g solid naturally flavored slabs and the 500g ‘for general enjoyment & baking’ slab! Now Gayleen’s customers can feel even better about getting their chocolate fix as the company is purchasing UTZ certified cocoa for its chocolates.


Exquisit – Germany

Chocolate with a fruity twist: Kaufland has sourced enough sustainable cocoa for three new “duet” varieties in its Exquisit chocolate range. Customers can now pick from white chocolate and superior milk chocolate with orange and sea buckthorn, white chocolate with raspberry and panna cotta, or white chocolate and superior milk chocolate with buttermilk and lemon.


Coind-MESETA – Italy, Germany, Austria

Meseta has introduced its first UTZ certified products this month with a range of 100% Arabica coffee capsules, available to customers online and in coffee shops.

126COIND_Meseta capsules

Kaynã, Kaldi Café Gourmet & Café Cultura – Brazil

Brazilian consumers are now spoilt for choice with a number of new product launches in the Brazilian market to suit all tastes. The new products from Kaynã, Kaldi Café and Café Cultura are available in supermarkets, cafés and online.

 Kaynã Coffee  Kaldi SIMULACAO FRENTE

Webinar: “Mass Balance: dispelling the myth”

Most UTZ cocoa is purchased using the mass balance concept – meaning enough UTZ certified cocoa is bought for each UTZ labeled product. We know that this concept often is perceived to be misleading and difficult to explain to your sales force and other stakeholders. We want to help you dispel those myths and show you that it is a credible and viable way to stimulate more demand for sustainable cocoa. Register here for our webinar.

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Coming up

The Coffee Experience – Sydney, Australia, 3-5 September

UTZ is exhibiting at this leading trade show for the coffee industry. Will you be attending? We’d love to meet you there, so let Ruben know at Find out more at

Golden Bean North America Roasters Competition and Conference – Portland, Oregon, 16-19 September

After running successfully for ten years in Australia, the Compak Golden Bean North America Roasters Competition & Conference will be held for the first time in the United States. Brigitta Nemes, UTZ Market Development Manager for North America will be speaking at the event on Thursday 17th September. View the agenda here:

World Chocolate Forum – London, UK, 1 October

Britta Wyss Bisang, UTZ Certified’s Standards Director will be presenting at the World Chocolate Forum exclusive event in London. Her presentation: The challenge of addressing child labor in cocoa: from policing to remediation, will be held at 11am. Read about the event at