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Mr. Coffeebean makes sustainability fun at Tchibo

German coffee roaster Tchibo is a partner to UTZ and other sustainability labels. For its multichannel communication campaign last year it used their animated character Mr. Coffeebean to explain why sustainable sourcing matters in a playful and engaging way.

Tchibo-herr-bohne For its campaign Tchibo put Mr. Coffeebean, or ‘Herr Bohne’ as he is called in German, in the position of an accident-prone coffee farmer who discovers that joining a sustainability label makes life taste better. The campaign included an animated film, blogs, newsletter and a customer competition and used humor to explain the purpose of the different sustainability labels in a simple yet meaningful way.

Tchibo also got its own employees engaged on the campaign with a series of Mr. Coffeebean postcards and created special media packs with coffee samples and links to the video. The campaign generated great media coverage and traffic to the online tools.

You can watch Mr. Coffeebean at work in this video. German speakers can watch the video in German and also read more on the Tchibo website and blog.

Planning a communications campaign? For more ideas and inspiration, take a look at some of the case studies and marketing tools in our Media Center.


Voices from the Field

Women play a vital role in agriculture around the world but often face more challenges than men. Improving the lives of women farmers can have a major impact not just for the women themselves but also their families and whole communities. At UTZ we see the importance of supporting women farmers and workers around the world and work on gender equity through UTZ certification. This week’s International Women’s Day is a great opportunity to engage consumers and colleagues on the difference sustainable sourcing can make to women’s lives.

Women farmers are often excluded from landownership, and don’t have the access they need to resources, training and quality fertilizers and seeds. They are less likely to be members of co-operatives and more likely to miss out on the benefits of certification. They often experience discrimination both at work and in their home lives.

To tackle this, we aim to increase the numbers of women farmers joining UTZ, to help more women farmers and workers to access benefits such as training and to reduce discrimination, harassment and violence against women in the farms and plantations where we operate.

Kalimuthu SaraswathyI joined the tea estate in 1990 as a tea plucker. As part of the UTZ certification I was able to join several trainings that changed both my work and my day-to-day life. The training on gender and leadership was a milestone for us. My husband now supports the work I do in my job and at home. I became a team leader and a trade union leader.”

Kalimuthu Saraswathy (48), tea plucker at Highforest Estate, India explains the difference UTZ has made to her life.

Rudo Nyamapfene_Zimbabwean tea farmerI am happy because of UTZ. I am now one of the best farmers in my district and I was also elected as a lead farmer. I have a good living with my family. UTZ taught me about good hygiene practices and at home I am a better mother because of it. Through training with UTZ I am also a leader in my community.” Rudo Nyamapfene from Honde Valley Tea Growers Association in Zimbabwe talking about the benefits of joining UTZ.

Gnamien Konan Christine“Thanks to the premium we are seeing concrete results. On the cooperative level; we have been able to buy a truck to carry the cocoa from the village to the buying station of our partner and also to build our warehouse and our head office. The training on good agricultural practices, on good use of pesticides; because of that we can clearly see an improvement of the yields and an improvement of the cocoa production.” Gnamien Konan Christine, Cooperative Accountant, oversees the finances for her co-operative in the Côte d’Ivoire.

Want to highlight the role of women in tea, coffee and cocoa production? You can use these (and more) quotes and pictures in your communications and for our cocoa partners we also have a 1 minute video on women in UTZ cocoa farming.

Read more on empowering female farmers in our blog.

Communicating positive impact

Everybody benefitsA great sustainable sourcing strategy needs great communications. And it’s easier than you think! If you’re looking for inspiration to help bring your sustainable sourcing stories to life for your consumers why not join our Marketing webinar series or take part in our social media campaigns?

Over 50 of you attended our recent webinar ‘Communicating Positive Impact’ hosted in both English and German. The session highlighted insights from impact studies that show the real difference sustainable sourcing is making to coffee, cocoa and tea producing countries and showed examples of how these can be integrated into your brand communications. Missed the session? Don’t worry, you can download the recording here in English and German. The videos shown during the webinar can be downloaded here. Please note you can filter on language.

Look out for two more webinars coming up this year, with more ideas to help you get your consumers and colleagues inspired on sustainable sourcing. The next sessions will look at the topics of traceability (June) and climate change (October). To make these even better, we’d love to know what you thought of the first webinar, so please do share your feedback.

And join our next social media campaign reminding people that when they enjoy a feel good moment with your UTZ cocoa, coffee or tea products they’re contributing to a better life for farmers too. On our campaign website we’ll have a toolkit with great quotes from farmers as well as pictures and brand new infographics ready for you that you can use in your communications. The campaign will run from next week, so stay tuned for more information. Questions or other ideas? Let us know!


Easter, Coles, Nestlé, IKEA, Nidar

With Easter round the corner this month’s edition of New on the Shelves is all about chocolate! Our partners have been getting ready to launch some tasty new chocolate products sourcing UTZ cocoa, making it the most sustainable Easter yet.

We’d love to know about your next product launch. Contact us!

Make it UTZ this Easter

Kids and their families all over the world can go on an UTZ labeled Easter egg hunt this year from Europe, to Africa, Australia and the Americas. These are just a few of the products on sale in Australia, Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Germany, Hungary, Ireland, the Netherlands, Slovenia, South Africa, Switzerland and the UK.


Coles Easter eggs – Australia

Good news for Australian chocaholics: Coles, one of Australia’s biggest retailers has joined UTZ! This hollow Easter egg with pralines is its first UTZ labeled product available in Coles stores and on its website. This is just the start of Coles’ plans to introduce UTZ labeled products, so watch this space!
Packshot Coles Easter product

Nestlé Easter collection – USA

Nestlé USA started sourcing UTZ cocoa for its chocolate CRUNCH bars last year. Now the launch of its Easter range with the UTZ label has made Nestlé one of the top purchasers of certified cocoa in the US. Great news for farmers and for families who can feel better about the chocolate they’re choosing.
Nestle Easter collection

IKEA chocolate – worldwide

IKEA extended their assortment of UTZ labeled chocolate products from one to four! The 100 g chocolate bars in milk, milk with hazelnut, dark and dark 70% flavors now all contain UTZ cocoa. They not only taste great but they’re the only UTZ labeled chocolate products in the world where the cocoa can be traced back to the farm and consumers can visit the IKEA tracer website to see who has grown their cocoa.


Nidar chocolates – Norway

Norwegian shoppers can now choose from more UTZ labeled chocolate. Nidar only purchases certified cocoa for its products and is launching two new bars in its famous Stratos bubbly chocolate range, this time containing nuts and biscuit pieces. Also the Nidar Favoritter mixed bags of chocolate are being relaunched, coming in four great varieties with the UTZ label.